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Privacy policy


Last update the: 8 November 2016. This Privacy policy is of immediate application for the users that believe accounts in this date or subsequently to the same and will go in in force on 2 December 2016  for the current users.

This Privacy policy describes our politics on the compilation, the use and the divulging of the information that recopilemos on you in relation with his use of our services, what includes the services that offer  through our websites, emails and mobile applications (from now on, designated jointly the “Place”). The terms “we”, “ours” (in all his forms) and “OWG” doesn reference to Omega World Games , a company with headquarters in Spain. When doing use of the Service, you accepts that recopilemos, use and spread his satisfied information describes  in this Privacy policy.

1. The information that recopilamos and how use it

We can recopilar and save information on you when it use the Service. We use the information to satisfy his requests, offer the functionality of the Service, improve the quality of the Service, customise his experience, make a follow-up of the use of the Service, answer to the companies related with the Service, show the pertinent advertising, commercialise the Service, offer assistance to the customer, send him messages, do backups of our systems and optimise the functions of recovery of disasters, improve the security of the Service and fulfil with the legal obligations.

Between the information that recopilamos find  the following data:

  1. Information of the account: If you creates an account in OWG, we will be able to store and use his name and surnames, email address, postal code and another information that you can provide in his account, as his sex and his date of birth. His name of battery and the initial of his surname, as well as any photography that you send through the process of register, will show  to the public like part of the profile of his account. You will be able to modify part of the information associated to his account. If it thinks that somebody has created an unauthorised account that describes him to you or that includes his image, can request his elimination pressing toq uí.
  2. Public content: The information that you publishes in the Service is allocated to public use, included his reviews, photos, videos, check-ins, opinions, participation in conversations, events, favoritos, friends, smart and profile of account. We can show this information in the Service, share it with other companies and distribute it to a wider public through places and services of third.
  3. Communications: When you registers  in an account of OWG or uses determinate functions, include him to receive postselectr ónicos of other users of OWG, other companies and the own OWG. It can manage some of his preferences of email here, but has to know that it can not renounce to receive determinate administrative warnings, legalis or on transactions of OWG.
  4. Information on transactions: If you initiates a transaction through the Service, like a reservation or purchase, can recopilar and store information on you, as, p. ej., his name, number of telephone, direction, email and information of the charge card, as well as any another information that provide us, with the aim to process his transaction, send him communications and complete forms for future transactions. This information can be shared with terceros with these same ends. OWG Does not reveal personal information of you to third with the end to commercialise directly with you his services, unless you accept in advance said divulging. When it sends the numbers of the charge card, encode this information using the standard technology of the sector.

2. Cookies

We, and the third with those who associate us, can use cookies, buoys web, labels, scripts, objects shared locally like HTML5 and Flash (sometimes called “flash cookies”), identifiers of advertising (included mobile identifiers like the IDFA of Apple and the GO of advertising of Google) and similar technology in relation with the use that you does of the Service and of websites and mobile applications of third (“Cookies”). The Cookies can have only identifiers and reside, among others places, in his computer or mobile device, in emails that send him and in our web pages. The Cookies can transmit information on you and on the use that does of the Service, like the type of browser, the preferences of research, the direction IP, the relative data to advertising that have showed him  or that you have selected, and the date and hour of his use. The cookies can be permanent or store only during a determinate session.

The ends for which use Cookies in the Service include:




Conceived so that the Service work of the way that you wait. For example, we use a Cookie that says us if you already has registered  to obtain an account.

Authentication, security and fulfillment

They serve to avoid the fraud, protect his data against third unauthorised and to fulfil the legal requirements. For example, we use the Cookies to know if you is registered.


They serve to remember information on how prefers you that the Service work and appear.


They serve to allow or prevent the notifications of information or of options that think that they can improve the use that you does of the Service. For example, we use a Cookie that prevents us show him the notification of register if you already has seen it.


It serves to do that the advertising was more useful for the users and more valuable for the anunciantes. For example, we can use Cookies to show him announcements based in his interests, for example, announcements that show him  in base to the visits that makes to other websites, or to inform us if you has done click recently in an announcement.

Analytical reports

They allow us understand how use the Service the visitors. For example, we use a Cookie that informs us about how ours suggestions of research agree with his interaction with the page of research.

Management of cookies: You will be able to desactivar some Cookies (although no all) in adjust them of his browser or device; however, this could affect to the functionality of the Service. The method for desactivar the Cookies can vary in function of the device and browser, although generally it finds  in the preferences or in the options of security. For example, the devices iOS and Android have configurations designed to limit some forms of follow-up of announcements. For the cookies of Flash, can administer the configuration of privacy doing click here. It take into account that change any one of these configurations does not prevent that they follow him  showing announcements.

3. Third

It can that third receive information about you of the following form:

  1. Anunciantes: We can allow to third the use of Cookies in the Service for recopilar the same type of information and with the same purpose that does it OWG. When doing it, OWG adheres  to the Principles Autorreguladores of the Alliance of Digital Advertising for the Advertising based in the Behaviour on line. These third can associate the information that recopilan to another information that have of you pertinent of other sources. We do not have necessarily access to the Cookies that use neither can control them, although it can that you was able to exclude some of his practical visiting the following links: Network Advertising Initiative, Omniture, Digital Advertising Alliance, and PrivacyChoice. It take into account that not accepting does not prevent that they follow him  showing announcements. Besides, we can share with third identifiable information no personal of you or on you, like data of location, identifiers of advertising or a hash criptográfico of an identifier of common account (like an email address), to facilitate the sample of advertising singularizada. You can limit that we share part of this information through the configuration of his mobile device, as it describes  in the Clause 2 previous.
  2. Aggregated information: we Can share aggregated information of the user with third like companies of advertising and distributors of contents. For example, we can spread the number of users that have seen his announcements or that have selected them.
  3. Commercial transfers: we Can share information of you or on you with our company matrix, our subsidiary, conjoint companies or other companies under a common control, in whose case will demand them that they respect this Privacy policy. If another emprthat purchases OWG, all his active, or substantially all his active, this company will possess the same information and will assume the rights and obligations regarding this information such as it describes  in this Privacy policy.
  4. Investigations: we Can investigate and spread information of you or on you if we believe of good faith that said investigation or divulging (to) is reasonably necessary to fulfil with a legal process and the instructions and orders of application of the law, like a search warrant, citación, statute, judicial procedure or another legal process that receive; (b) is useful to warn, investigate or identify a possible crime in relation with the Service, or (c) protects our rights, reputation, property or the one of our users, affiliated or the public, like divulgings in relation with our program of Alerts to the Consumers. If comunicto a complaint or claim to OWG on the content through the Service, can share the subject of his complaint with the one who have contributed with this content to give him the opportunity to answer.
  5. Links: The Service can contain links to services of third that are not filial. To exception of the cases that here stipulate , do not share personal information with them and are not responsible of his practices of privacy. We suggest him that it read the privacy policies that appear or that apply  to all the services of third.
  6. Accounts of third: If it registers  in OWG using a service offered by third like Facebook or links his account of OWG to his has the service of a third like Facebook or Twitter, can receive information on you of said service of third.

4. Control of his personal data

If you includes personal information in his public content other users could identify him or associate him to his account of user. This risk to be identified personally can  reduce using the Service with a pseudonym; although, when doing it, could subtract credibility to his contributions to the Service. The users can use also the characteristic to Find Friends to find  making researches by his names or email addresses.

It take into account also that the messages that send or receive using the Service are only deprived in the measure in that you and the person with which communicate  keep them like private. For example, if you sends a message to another user, said user can opt by doesrlo public. Of equal way, OWG can access to said messages, and spread them, during the investigations related with the use of the Service.

5. Conservation of data and cancellation of account

It can close his account pressing here. We will withdraw his publications of the sight and/or will dissociate them of the profile of his account, although we will be able to conserve information about you for the ends authorised of compliance with the present Privacy policy, unless the law forbid it. For example, we will be able to conserve data to avoid, investigate or identify possible crimes in relation with the Service or to fulfil with the legal obligations. It take into account that the companies can not withdraw his publications, classifications or comments on the business when closing his accounts.

6. Minors

The Service is allocated to the public in general and no está headed to lower boys of 12 years. No recopilamos deliberately information personl of lower boys of 12. If you knows the case of some boy that has provided us personal information without the permission of the parents, please, put in contact with us here. If we give usc uenta that a lower boy of 12 years has provided personal information without the consent of the parents, will take measured to delete said information and cancel the account of the boy.

7. Security

We follow the standards of the sector accepted generally to protect the personal information that sends us , so much during the transmission as once received. However, any method of transmission by Internet or by mobile device neither the methods of electronic storage are safe to the 100 %. Therefore, although we encourage us to use means commercially reasonable to protect his personal information, can not guarantee his absolute security.

8. Information of Contact

If you thinks that OWG has vulnerado this Privacy policy, can put in contact with us by Internet  pressing here.

10. Modifications to this privacy policy

We can review this Privacy policy when we consider it timely. The most current version of the Privacy policy will govern the compilation, the use and the divulging on our part of the information about you and will be able to consult here. If we make substantial changes in this Privacy policy, will notify it to him by email or will publish a warning in the Service before the date of entrance in force of such changes. If it follows accessing to the Service and doing use of him after said changes have gone in in force, you accepts the revised Privacy policy.